Septoplasty is revision or repair of the septum between the two nostrils. Septoplasty procedure is done under a general anesthetic. A speculum is inserted into the nostril on which the Septoplastysurgeon works on. An incision is made in the tissue covering the septum. Depending on the location or deformity, either the cartilage near the tip of the nose or the nasal spine bone is trimmed or shaved, or repositioned, broken, or carved.

Major bleeding vessels are closed with electrocautery or sutures. Usually the doctor may do all that is needed by working through the nostril that is most obstructed.  Very seldom work on both sides of the septum is needed, when there is abnormal growth of bone that requires complicated reshaping near the union of the skull and nasal spine. Once the septum is properly positioned and bleeding is under control, vaseline coated gause packing or plastic splints are used to keep the septum in place until it heals. The individual is transferred to the recovery room. Removal of gause may be painful.

Gause may be taken out when there is enough healing to prevent bleeding upon its removal. It is usually removed after 7-10 days following the procedure.

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