Amerigroup is focused on serving individuals, who are getting health care benefits through sponsored programs, such as Family Care, State Children Health Insurance Program [SCHIP], and Medicaid.

Amerigroup offers different products such as AMERIFAM, a Family Care managed health product indicated for uninsured segments of the population other than State Children’s Health Insurance Program eligible; AMERIKIDS: a managed healthcare plan for uninsured children, who are not eligible for Medicaid; AMERIPLUS: healthcare program with management for SSI (supplemental security income) recipients; and Americaid: A family-focused Medicaid managed healthcare product indicated for the temporary assistance for people that consists primarily of low income children and their parents.

Amerigroup programs covers different services such as specialty and primary physician’s care, outpatient and inpatient hospital care, durable and home health medical equipments, dental care, prenatal care, x-ray and laboratory services, podiatry, prescription and non-prescription drugs, nursing home and long term care, chiropractic care (learn more here), exam allowances and vision care, as well as behavioral health services. Amerigroup’s plans are available in Texas, Illinois, Florida, Columbian District, Maryland, New Jersey and New York.


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