The McDonalds Diet: Does it Really Work?

A construction woman, Mereb Morgan in Raleign, North Carolina claims to have lost 37 pounds after eating at McDonald’s for 90 days. She says that the problem isn’t in McDonalds The McDonalds Dietmenu but in the choices an individual makes.

She wanted to prove a point and she did by first downloading a nutrition guide from McDonald’s website and setting up a plan to eat no more then 1400 calories per day. For 90 days she only ate french fries twice and focused more on salads and burgers.

So what was the final outcome?

Morgan went from 227 to 190 pounds after 90 days. Morgan is still undecided whether or not she will continue with the diet to get to reach her goal weight of 150 pounds. Interesting indeed, but lets be honest, who can really handle McDonald’s for 90 days straight? The variety options are limited, interesting story though!

Here are couple of McDonalds Diet videos to check out!

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