Kirstey Alley’s Organic Liaison

Organic Liaison , the Kirstey Alley’s weight loss program consists of several organic supplements such as: Organic Liaison

1. ‘Release Me’ is mostly a magnesium and calcium supplement. Such ingredients are ”counteract acidity from drinks, food and toxins”.  But everyone has to know that there no published proof that PH (acidity) of the person’s body leads to losing weight. Other attributes to magnesium and calcium are also mentioned as supporting heart function and contraction of person’s muscles. Such other factors are true , but any magnesium and calcium work just as well. Magnesium and Calcium are very cheap also – especially when they are in food. One bottle of ‘release me’ consists of thirty servings.

2. ‘Rescue Me’ should boost energy and decrease the appetite. It is also suppose to cleanse the person’s body by eliminating toxins. It is unknown, what type of toxins it removes. Kirstey Alley calls ‘Rescue Me’ – a weight loss elixir and that floods the person’s body with the missing elements that manage weight and makes weight loss. One Bottle of ‘Rescue Me’ consists of sixteen servings.

3. ‘Relieve Me’ is a colon cleansing supplement. If people clean their body – they feel more energetic. It is a general claim made by colon cleansing specialists, but non of these experts never said to people, that person’s colon may be cleansed by itself very well by naturally. Individual’s colon is expanding and contracts persistently (known as peristalsis). It helps us to move food through the digestive system. There is no proof that person’s colon has fecal matter that clogging us up or several undigested meal’s pounds resulting in fatigue. Those supplements which cleanse a person’s colon are usually ‘laxatives’. Experts, probably, using the word ”cleanse” instead of ” laxative” because their goal to distance themselves from cheapest over-counter supplements. Individuals, who have health problems, must be cautious of such cleansing products. They can cause altering of person’s function of the heart. There is a very cheap cleanser a person may use – just taking a walk. When people are moving, they help their body push food faster through digestive system. It is a reason why people frequently go to the bathroom just after a work-out.

4. ‘Nightingale’ is an a supplement that said to be helpful person sleep better. The website of Kirstie Alley says that it consists of Tryptophan, Folic Acid, Vitamin”C” and Vitamin ”B6”. Tryptophan might be frequently found in sleep products because it converts to a chemical known as Serotonin which calms person down. Because Tryptophan is found in Turkey – it is the reason why individuals frequently get tired after turkey meals. Lack of sleep may result in the individual to eat more food (because they awaking frequently) and it can raise Cortisol levels, which possibly may result in weight gain; but the Tryptophan amount in the turkey meal (like nightingale) is possibly not a result in significant sleeping effect. Kirstey also mentioned that Tryptophan may help to keep muscle ache under control. She did not tell what type of muscle ache. If this is what is thought, there is no proof of such claim. One bottle of nightingale consists of a thirty day supply.

5. Pagoda is the name of a green tea mix. Kirstey’s site mentioned that Pagoda should help a person burn calories. It’s because the green tea consists of Caffeine. Caffeine is very known in most weight loss supplements and the reasons are:

1. The more alert person is – the more physical activities she or he can do – and the more weight the person may lose.

2 Caffeine has a slight effect of fat burning. It is helping to pull fat from person’s fats cell, where it is used to boost energy.

One bottle of Pagoda contains a 30 day supply.

According to Kirstey Alley’s website, an Organic Liaison set (kit) costs $139 monthly. Additionally, the person can pay $10 per month or $120 per year for product membership. So, cost of Organic Liaison per year will be about  $1670.

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