Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is common in women. It does not occur in children and rarely affects the men. The human’s body consists of tiny building blocks, known as cells. Our bodies create these cells, replacing those which die with new ones. Generally, the body creates normal, healthy cells, which are doing what they should to do, which includes cells in the breast, the 2 rounded areas on the chest’s front. But if cells become abnormal, they may divide fast over & over again without dying, creating many copies of themselves. When it occurs, a Tumor ( abnormal body cells group together in the person’s lump or mass form), may start form and grow.

Breast Cancer is a type of tumor that’s developing in the person’s breast cells. Some people, who have Breast Cancer, might have cancerous cells in just one breast’s part which may be felt as a lump. The Breast Cancer may also spread throughout 1 or both breasts. In some cases, Breast Cancer may spread to other body’s parts, like to the liver, bones, etc.

Any woman may get Breast Cancer, but health specialists have discovered that specific factors make some women more likely to get it. 1. As woman gets older, she is at higher risk of getting Breast Cancer. 2. Family History: The women whose close relatives have had Breast Cancer are at higher risk to get it. 3. Women, who consume alcohol, smoke, eat high-fat food, can develop Breast Cancer (Tumor).

Signs of Breast Cancer; The women with Breast Cancer might not feel any signs or they can discover a painless lump in their breast. Most breast lumps are not cancerous, but any lumps must be checked by a health professional to be sure. Non cancerous lumps may be cyst (sacs or fluid-filled lumps) or scar tissue, or they may appear do to normal changes of breasts associated with aging or hormone changes. In some cases, a specialist will find a lump in woman’s breast at the time of routine exam or the woman may come to the doctor office to let him/her know she found lump. Sometimes, a Mammogram (specific type of X-Ray), may detect a lump in the person’s breast that may not be feel. Once a lump is discovered, the surgeon will order further testing.

A biopsy is the best way to do this. In this procedure, a small amount of breast tissue is taken with a needle or at the time of a small operation. After that, the tissue is carefully examined under a microscope to check for cancerous cells. The biopsy might show non cancerous cells (Benign), but if biopsy shows cancerous (Malignant) lump, the woman together with surgeon & her family will decide what next step should be taken. Breast Cancer (Tumor) treatment depend on the form of cancer & whether the cancer cells has spread to the other parts of body. Common treatment include: 1. Mastectomy – the surgery, in which the whole breast is removed. Such type of surgery is performed when cancer cells have spread through the person’s breast or into other body parts.

It’s best way to remove most or all of the cancer to prevent the cancer return back or spread further. In some cases, a woman who had a mastectomy, can choose an operation to rebuild her breast. 2. Lumpectomy is the surgical procedure which involves anesthesia (find info about anesthesia), where the cancerous lump from the breast is removed. the women have such procedure when the breast cancer is found at earlier stage & when the cancerous lump is small & located in only 1 part of the breast. 3. Chemotherapy & Radiation treatment are frequently used after mastectomy or lumpectomy to be sure that all cancer cells are destroyed & not growing back. Radiation treatment uses high energy X- Ray to kill all cancerous cells. Chemotherapy or Chemo is specific drug that’s traveling throughout all body & kills cancerous cells.

Living with Breast Cancer may be very difficult for a women & their families. After Breast Cancer treatment or surgery, a woman might not feel well for a some period of time. She can be depressed, if she had her whole breast removed. If a woman had Chemotherapy, she can lose her hair & she might feel sick to her stomach. She also will keep in mind that the cancer may return back & she will get ill again. The good new, especially if a lump is detected early, a woman will live normal, healthy, full life.

Some women, who have Breast Cancer, join support group so they may talk to other women with the same disease, who experience the same feelings. Surgeons & Scientists work together to find cure for the Breast Cancer. They research new drugs (medicines) that can even help to prevent this disease. But it is very important factor – to catch the disease as soon as possible. Monthly breast self-exams along with regular mammogram are the best way for women to prevent Breast Cancer or in worst scenario – to discover it at earlier stage.

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