Lung Lobectomy

Lung lobectomy is performed by the removal of one of the three divisions of the lungs. The main medical condition this surgery treats is various forms of lung cancer.

The simple removal of the right upper lobe is done without the need for a surgical alteration of the bronchi. In this technique, the anesthetized person is placed on the left side, and the Lung Lobectomy Surgery Procedureskin is shaved and scrubbed with soap and antiseptic before the lung lobectomy can begin. The individual is draped so that only the region where the incision will be made is exposed. The doctor makes an incision at the level of the nipple, between the 4th and 5th or 5th and 6th ribs, depending on the patient’s needs. The ribs can be just cut away or pulled apart, depending on the doctor’s decision and the difficulty of the lung lobectomy surgery. The pleura (a membrane surrounding the lungs) is cut away with scissors, and the arteries and veins leading to the upper lobe that are invisible at this point are ligated with sutures and are cut. The middle and lower lobes of the lung are pulled apart and a membrane surrounding the lungs, which is the line between the 2 largest lobes of the lung is cut with scissors. Pulling the 2 lobes farther apart exposes the fissure (a break or split in the tissue) between the mid and upper lobes. The upper and middle lobes are then pulled as far apart as possible and the normal separation between the 2 lobes is completed with a scalpel and scissors. Arteries or veins that bleed are sealed or ligated with an electrocautery instrument. The part of the bronchial tree leading to the upper lobe is exposed and is ligated between the lobe and the right main bronchus. It is cut and sewn together to form an airtight seal. The severed upper lobe is rolled out of the chest, and any last blood vessels or other structures attached to it are severed.

To provide suction and drainage, the wound is closed in. The individual is then transferred to the recovery room. Local anesthetic may be done via a catheter placed between the ribs to lower pain and help the patient breathe. It is more preferable if lung lobectomy is performed by a thoracic surgeon. This surgery must be done at a hospital only.

The main complication of this procedure is stenosis, or narrowing, of the bronchi, which may cause recurrence of tumor or scar formation. Other complications include air leak’s that occur at the joint, and lungs may collapse partially or completely.

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