Gastric Bypass Surgery

A gastric bypass surgery allows food to bypass part of your intestine to make your stomach much smaller. After the procedure, the amount of food you consume will be much lower, resulting in lower calorie intake which gradually leads to weight loss. Gastric Bypass Surgery

You will feel like you get full much quicker than you did before you had the gastric bypass surgery. In a gastric bypass such as Roux-en-Y, stomach is made smaller with surgical staples or plastic bands creating a small pouch near the top of your stomach. This procedure is accomplished by a large incision in the abdomen. Gastric

Bypass Surgery is not often used to treat obesity and many health professionals consider it for those who have trouble losing weight with other treatments and who are at risk for other complications.

This surgery has risks such as: infection, leak from stomach into abdominal cavity, and blood blockage; therefore it is important to discuss with your doctor on the available treatment options. Most people post- surgery begin to lose weight quickly and the weight loss continues up to a duration of 12 months.

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