Broken Blood Vessel Repair

Broken Blood Vessels can be treated by repair of a blood vessel damaged through disease or injury. Depending on extent of the surgery and other injuries or diseases, an individual is Broken Blood Vessel Repairgiven general, regional or local anesthetic.

The skin overlying the vessel to be repaired on, is shaved and scrubbed with soap and antiseptic. Most frequently, the doctor will repair the vessel through a cut that is caused by an accident or other trauma. In cases, where an opening, that gives access to the vessel, does not exist, the doctor performs an incision to reach it by cutting through the fascia, skin, and muscle. Bleeding vessels are cauterized or ligated.

Large vessels that are big enough to be repaired on, are clamped and sewn back together. If part of the vessel has been lost, a replacement part of silastic or dacron can be used to replace it. Use of vessels from cadavers to replace damaged vessels is gaining in popularity, but the extent to which rejection of the transplanted vessel might be a problem, is unknown.

Some studies in dogs shown that rejection may be severe and cause up to about 65% failure rate of donor vessels; however, use of the Immunosuppressant Imuran has increased the success rate to about 90%. But use of Imuran (azathioprine) can produce the growth of cancers which have already occured by interfering with the body’s ability to destroy cancer cells.

Broken Blood Vessels surgery is performed by a general surgeons. Microsurgical surgery of blood vessels should be done by a vascular surgeon.

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