Skinny Fiber

Skinny Fiber is a 100%  natural mix of fibers extracted from vegetables, fruits, seeds, roots, and 3 prebiotics and friendly bacteria.

Such product is free of grain that may be problematic and allergenic to the people attempting to lose their body’s fat and detoxifying. Skinny Fiber also irritates free herbs containied in other fibers and colon products that result in movement of bowels by artificially stimulating a person’s colon to release its content. All individuals may benefit from this new product.

The fiber’s RDA is 25-30 grams per day, but because the current diet is deficient in vegetables, fruits, as well (and most important) – fiber,  many people use only 15 grams a day.  Skinny Fiber supports reduction in appetite, slowing transition food time through gastrointestinal  (GI tract), slowing down emptying of stomach, and increasing intestinal bulk. All these factors lead to appetite decrease and an insoluble fibers can stimulate intestinal walls and stomach’ receptors by decreasing a hunger hormone Ghrelin or increasing the satiety neurotransmitter CCK.    Fiber helps to lose unwanted fat by decreasing appetite, insulin response, and absorbed calorie.

The scientific research showed that 14 grams of fiber per day added to any diets, resulted in 4lbs weight loss during period of 4 months. Fiber helps to lower insulin and glucose in person’s blood. Soluble fibers slow the food passage in the individual’s intestine’s upper area. Both – the glucose total number and the rate where it’s absorbed, are reduced. Because the response of Insulin is adequate to the rate where Glucose appearing in the person bloodstream, the total output of insulin and insulin level are decreased by consumption of fiber.

Apple Pectin study showed that it has ability to help with weight loss, slow down emptying of stomach (good for individuals who is always hungry), lower triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels, and even in insulin dependent diabetics to diminish Post-Plandial insulin needs. Fiber helps to reduce triglyceride and cholesterol levels: Soluble fibers bind acids , cholesterol, and fatty acids, and preventing their reabsorption or absorbtion at the time of circulation. Such fiber raises production of Bile Synthesis Acid creating cholesterol’s avenue excretions. Because  insulin stimulates triglyceride synthesis and cholesterol, reducing of insulin through fiber can decrease levels of lipids in blood. Cholesterol-reducing and fiber lowering drugs: Fiber can have effect on the cholesterol reducing statins’ effects. The researchers discovered that combination of 20 grams of Guar GUM and Lovastatin decreased the person’s total cholesterol levels by 44 percent, while Lovastatin used alone, decreased it only by 34 percent.

Fiber helps to your GI (gastrointestinal) health: Soluble fiber might be converted by intestinal friendly bacterias to SCFA (short-chain fatty acid), which may nourish the GI cells and maintain needed colon pH, which lowers pathogenic bacterias growth. Fiber helps to cleanse the colon from toxins, as well as from impurities, which can lower colon cancer risk. Prebiotics are new nutritional research finding and beneficial for person’s immunity, heart and other parts of body. Prebiotic stimulates the healthy Microflora growth that populates an individual’s large intestine. When this beneficial bacteria (healthy microflora) flourishes, it helps keep you strong and healthy.

Skinny Fiber is flavored naturally – no colors, flavors or artificial sweeteners added.  Skinny Fiber consists of 12 fibers ingrddients: Guar Gum, Acacia Gum, Carrot Fiber, Cellulose Gum, Apple Pectine, Flax and Cranberry Seeds, Prune and Orange Fibers, Psyllium Husk; and 2 root fibers, such as Konjac Glucomannan and Insulin (extracted from chicory roots); and Skinny Fiber is free of non-paleolithic extracts from food, (such as Legumes Soy, Beans, or Pea fiber) or Grain (Rice, Oat, Wheat, Bran).

Skinny Fiber is low in allergenic and lectin, and gluten free. It is also free of Phytates (phytate fibers are discovered in grain, binds minerals and contains an acid load which interfering with its absorbtion). Skinny Fiber consists of cranberry seeds (also high in Anthocyanidins and Polyphenols which giving it red color) and essential antioxidant Fibre Gum Tan (the specific acacia gum that is high in polyphenols).

Skinny Fiber is balanced with insoluble and soluble fibers, with soluble fibers’ emphasis (that is extremely difficult to get from regular diets).      Skinny Fiber is free of toxic substances and purity is guaranteed.  The product not only may help you eat and feel less, but such fat burning mix also helps  you to remove toxins, lower fat, turn your body into a fat burning machine, and gradually boost your metabolic system.

Skinny Fiber is really an ultimate weight loss approach. It will help you to lose ten or fifteen pounds quick for a special event, to drop fifty or more pounds and fit in your old clothing, or help to get rid off just few unwanted baby pounds that can’t go away.

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