Detoxadine (Nascent Atomic Iodine Supplement)

Detoxadine is a Nascent Atomic Iodine Supplement that is derived from deep sea sources (friendly vegan), which detoxifies toxic halogens, like Detoxadinefluoride, mercury, bromides, etc.

Detoxadine improves endocrine and thyroid function, increases stamina and energy, improves aid insulin sensitivity to keep blood sugar under control, assists in improvement reducing of brain fog and thinking, helps in improvement bowel function and digestion, boosts immune system function and can also reduce body odors (example: underarm, foot, vaginal).

Detoxadine is True Glycerite of natural USP iodine grade. It is a non-toxic elemental nancent atomic iodine, that provides tissue saturation and high elemental uptake of iodine. One bottle of Detoxadine lasts three months for one individual and the daily maintaining dose is 3 drops which equals to 1,796% of RDA.

Detoxadine plays an essential role in maintaining a healthy body. It provides support to the immune system, boosts cardiovascular health, helps with endocrine and metabolic balance, and plays a part in healthy DNA integrity. Detoxadine is gentler on person’s digestive system than other iodine supplements. There are no stinging feelings or harsh burning when using Detoxadine topically. It is also kosher-certified, vegan friendly and halal-compliant.

This supplement is manufactured in a state-licensed facility that meets Federal Regulatory Standards. Detoxadine is a great fit with Global Healing Center’s products and philosophy of well being and natural health regeneration.

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