Sebaceous Cysts

Sebaceous Cysts (also called Keratinous Cysts) are a slow-growing bumps, consisting of skin excretions, dead skin and other particles of the skin. Such cysts can be tiny and may appear Sebaceous Cystsanywhere, most likely, in the scrotum, back, face, ear, or scalp.

Sebaceous Cysts tend to be firm and easy to move within the person’s skin. Generally, they are not painful. These cysts can be flesh or yellowish colored; when a Sebaceous Cysts are punctured, a greasy, cheesy substance come out.

In some cases, they become infected. The dermatologist nearly almost always treats a cyst by either cutting the top with a scalpel, then squeezing out the contents or puncturing the top with a needle. However, until a dermatologist fully removes the large cyst, it can reappear.

An Infected cyst is treated first with antibiotics and then surgically removed.

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