Laser Resurfacing

Laser Resurfacing is a procedure which is performed in the dermatologist surgeon’ s office in order to help tighten and smoothen eyelids; soften pucker marks and frown lines; repair Laser Resurfacingsmoker’s lines; improve and flatten scars; erase wrinkles and fine lines of the face; remove splotchy as well as brown spots, uneven skin color; and improve crow’s feet around the eyes.

During laser resurfacing, the individuals may be given local anesthesia, monitored intravenous sedation; or a topical anesthetic cream with mild sedation. Using a laser (wand-like) hand piece, unwanted skin cells and wrinkles disappear (literally) in a mist puff and are then replaced with fresh skin cells. Laser resurfacing method of treatment of the skin is pretty much bloodless.

The procedure also provides additional control in penetration depth of the surface of the skin, allowing a new degree of safety and precision in curing delicate regions, such as around the eyes or/on the lips. In this procedure, usually there is minimal discomfort during the procedure and during the recovery period. The time needed to complete the laser resurfacing varies between 1 to 2 hours.

After the procedure, the treated regions are kept moist with the use of ointments or occlusive dressings for the next few days. The skin is usually pink or red and can be covered with a fine crust. The affected portions should be protected against the sun after the procedure is over. Once skin has healed, sun block lotion should be applied.

Post-surgery side effects may include bleeding, swelling, brown or redness discoloration at the treatment parts; and crusting. Some individuals may need bleaching creams to help control skin color after laser resurfacing procedure. In very rare cases-bleeding, infection, swelling, major pain may occur and may be reduced by surgical methods and vigorous postsurgery care.

Average surgeon fees are close to the following amounts: full face resurfacing – about $3,000 and partial face resurfacing runs about $1,000.

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