Yasmin, Generic (ethinyl or drospirenone) prevents ovulation and results in uterine lining and cervical changes, causing sperm harder fertilizeYasmin egg to attach to the uterus and reach the uterus.

Yasmin (Yaz) is contraception used to prevent pregnancy. This drug is also prescribed to cure some acne in women who are at least fourteen years old and who want to take birth control medications to prevent pregnancy and have started having menstrual periods. Such pills are also prescribed for the treating PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder), such as depression, anxiety, concentrating troubles, irritability, headache, gain of weight, changes in appetite or sleep, muscle or joint pain, energy lack, and breast tenderness.

Yasmin (Yaz, Ocella) can also be prescribed for other conditions. These pills may result in birth defects in the unborn babies. Don’t take Yasmin, if you are pregnant. Avoid taking this drug if you have: jaundice history, resulted from birth control pill; history of blood clot or stroke; circulation problems; migraines; severe high blood pressure; liver or kidney disorder; uterine or breast tumor; adrenal gland problems; heart valve disease; and abnormal bleeding in vagina.

Before taking Yasmin, discuss with your physician if you can use these pills. Don’t take this medication if you are allergic to Ethinyl Estradiol or Drospirenone; if you have history of liver or kidney disorders; diabetes’ circulation problem or blood clots; migrane aches; heart valve problems; severe high blood pressure; unusual vaginal bleeds; liver or kidney disorders; history of jaundice resulted from birth control medicines; adrenal gland problems; any types of hormone-dependency; uterine or breast concerns; liver cancer; gallbladder disorder; epilepsy or seizure; heart disease or high blood pressure; if you are overweight or have cholesterol high levels; or diabetes.

Yasmin may result in birth defects. Notify your doctor promptly, if you are pregnant. The hormones contained in Yasmin (Yaz) may pass through the breast milk and can harm the fetus. This medication can also result in reduced production of breast milk. Don’t take Yasmin, if you feed your baby with breast milk. Drospirenone can also increase levels of potassium in your blood. Other medical disorders may also affect levels of potassium, such as: adrenal gland diseases, kidneys disorder, and disease of liver. Always tell your health provider, if you have such medical diseases.

You must use Yasmin (Yaz) exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Don’t use these pills for longer time than adviced by your physician or don’t exceed prescribed dose. Take the first dose on the 1st day your period started or on the 1st after your period starts. Discuss with your doctor and follow his/her instructions.

Use 1 pill of Yasmin (Yaz) daily, no more than twenty four hours apart. When the medication run out, begin to take a new pack the next day. Get your Yasmin’s refills before the pills supplies run out completely.  You might have bleeding breakthrough. Let your physician know if you are bleeding heavily or bleeding continues. If you require any surgery or medical tests, or if you are on bed rest, you can be ordered to stop taking pills for a while. Any surgeon or physician who treats you, must know that you take Yasmin.

You need to see your family doctor regularly while you take Yasmin (Yaz). Keep pills of Yasmin at room temperature away from heat and moisture and far from children. Take this medication only for prescribed indication and never share it with others. If you miss the dose, it may increase the risk to become pregnant. If you miss one dose of Yasmin, take the missed dose as soon as you remember, or use 2 pills at your next regular scheduled dose time.

Seek prompt medical help in case of overdose. Yasmin’s overdose symptoms can consist of vaginal bleeding, vomiting, and nausea.

While you use Yasmin, don’t smoke, especially if you are over 35 years old.  Smoking may elevate your risks of stroke or blood clots. Yasmin doesn’t protect from sexually transmitted illnesses such as AIDS or HIV. The only way to protect you from such diseases is condoms.

Less serious side effects can consist of: changes in menstrual periods, breast swelling, tenderness, or pain; vaginal discharge or itching; contact lenses problems; feet or hands swelling; appetite or weight changes; scalp hair loss; increased growth of hair; and skin’s darkening or freckles.     Seek emergency help if you have such allergic reactions: face, throat, tongue, or lips swelling; breathing difficulties. Stop taking Yasmin and contact your physician if you have following serious side effects: sweating; heavy feeling or chest pain; nausea; general seek feeling; spreading pain to the shoulder or arms; confusion; vision problems; sudden weakness or numbness; speech, balance problems; eyes pain; depression symptoms such as change in mood, weakness, sleeping disorder; lump in breast; jaundice (eyes, skin yellowing), appetite loss; stomach ache; severe migraine headaches.

Effectiveness of Yasmin may be less effective if used with other prescription or non prescription drugs. Inform your doctor about all medications you use. They include: prescribed medications and over-the-counter ones such as herbal products, minerals and vitamines.

Don’t start to take a new drug without your doctor’s approval.  If you suspect any injury from Yasmin (Yaz), search for medical attorney/lawyer to recover your expenses and damages.

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