Nascent Iodine

Nascent Iodine 2% is a consumable type of iodine in form of atomic (not in molecular form). It is an iodine atom that contain incomplete electrone number. Nascent Iodine is Nascent Iodineparamagnetic. It does mean that atoms of iodine may hold an electromagnetic charge and that it has a powerful release energy when consumed and recognized by the person’s body as the same iodine which is produced by individual’s thyroid and effortlessly absorbed by the body.

Some individuals notice extra energy just after 1st day of using Nascent Iodine. People, who suffer with iodine deficiency, will feel better very soon after using this product. Nascent Iodine 2% consists of organic grain alcohol. Dosage depends on the desired effect. For example, 1 drop = 400mcg of iodine. If Nascent Iodine used for general health improvement or additional energy, the person should take up to 6 drops every day. Small  frequent doses of such iodine are more effective than the larger dosage at less frequent interval.

Nascent Iodine , as all other types of iodine, should be taken on an empty stomach. Many people will notice importance to build up (gradually) in order to experience the lowest number of detoxification symptoms. The product should be taken on an empty stomach, half hour before or one hour after meals, supplements, or medications. Using after 4p.m. raises energy levels and may cause insomnia. The best time to take it it 3 time per day, before breakfast, lunch and finishing off with the last dose before 4p.m.

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