Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Pfizer Incorporated, originally founded in 1849  is headquartered in New York, NY  and is in the pharmaceutical business of developing and manufacturing the leading prescription drugs for humans and animals. The company prides itself in having an innovative product line that improves the lives of people all over the world in more than 150 countries.

Pfizer consists of 3 business properties: health care, consumer health care, and animal health.

Pfizer was founded in 1849 by Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhardt, both German-American cousins. In the year 2000 until now, successful merger between Warner-Lambert and Pharmacia created the world’s fastest growing pharmaceutical company.  Some of the biggest drugs that Pfizer manufactures include:  Zoloft, Viagra, Geodon, Lipitor, Xanax, Celebrex, Norvasc, Viracept and many more popular medications. Animal health medications include: Clavamox, Equimax, Rimadyl, and Doctomax. If you’re looking for skin care products like that of inkey list, you can check Clarins in Ireland and get the best ones here.

This company is publicly traded on the New York Stock exchange under the symbol (PFE), on the London exchange symbol (PFX), Euronext, and Swiss.

The company has 116,000 total employees and reaches annual revenues of approx. 50 billion dollars.

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