Plastic Surgery: Malpratice & Lawsuits

Plastic Surgery consists of both cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries. While most surgeries pose a low injury and complication risks, no surgical procedures are risk-free.

A plastic surgeon must have a high medical competency degree and care while treating individuals. The failure to provide the appropriate skill levels, treatment and care may cause medical malpractice – the treatment that does not meet medical standards, which result in patient’s injury.

If you or your family’s members were harm or injured because of surgeon’s negligence, you might be eligible to recover funds for damages caused by plastic surgeon for past and further health expenses (including revision, corrective surgery cost), disability, income loss, emotional suffering and pain, disfigurement, and other factors. If it happened, contact malpractice lawyer/attorney.

They will evaluate your or your family’s member cases to approach the greatest way in protecting your interests. You can also read about the breast imagaging – SonoCine AWBUS and talk to your experts.

Plastic Surgery complications may include: infection; death; prolonged sedation causing complications/injury; hematoma; scarring; over or under correction; disability or disfigurement; nerve damage/numbness, asymmetry; dissatisfaction or disappointment; breast implants wrong size; errors in anesthesia; breast augmentation, excessive removal of skin (in face lift), overdose of lidocaine (in liposuction); drugs interactions or reactions; sexual misconduct (employee or plastic surgeon against the patient); non consensual or improper use of photos ”before and after”; pulmonary embolism or pulmonary edema (in liposuction);burning or blistering (chemical capsules or tablets); complications resulting in corrective surgeries; inability to close your eyes or having dry eyes (in face lift); breast skin’s cover or breast nipple loss (in breast plastic procedures).

The major claim against the plastic surgeons is ” improper performance”. in plastic procedures. The surgeon must disclose all possible risks -major and minor to his/her patient before plastic surgery starts.

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