Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

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Product Review & Description

If you are still flossing your teeth the old fashioned way, it might be time to reconsider. The Ultra Water Flosser WP 100 from Waterpik is 93% more effective than regular flossing due to the water jet technology. This highly popular product offers an advanced way to floss your teeth by utilizing 10-90 PSI water pressure with up to 1200 pulses every single minute.

The Ultra Water Flosser removes all the bacteria and kills germs deep between your teeth and underneath the actual gum line. Included in the package are 6 specialty tips to safely eliminate debris to improve your overall oral health. For those who are wearing braces, have bridges or crowns this is especially the ultimate way of flossing. The personalized unique tips offer you the convenience to accomplish deep cleaning.

According to clinical studies, the Ultra Water Flosser has shown to make your gums healthier in as little as 14 days with regular use. The unit is small and is designed in a way to provide comfort when holding or storing the machine.

In addition to the 6 unique tips that are included with the package, you’ll also get a reservoir lid, a plaque seeker tip, a cleaner for your tongue as well as all of the quick start operating instructions to get you started right away. This product is chosen by dentists and features an enhanced design, backed by 3-year warranty. To discover more information on the product and read all of the reviews from customers, visit Amazon and see why people are raving about the Waterpik Water Flosser.

Ultra Water Flosser from Waterpik Features:

-93% more effectiveness vs traditional string floss through use of water jet
-High pressure with 1200 pulses/minute, 10 – 90 PSI
-Remove bacteria and debris easily for better overall oral care
-6 colored custom tips and a tongue cleaner are included
-3-Year Warranty Guarantee
-Trusted By Dentists Worldwide

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