Registered Nurse (RN)

A registered nurse (RN) is someone who has graduated a program of nursing education and is licensed by the proper state authority and passed state board examination.

The hottest cities for nurse jobs are large cities such as:  New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Those cities have higher salaries, however the trade-off is long hours and more stress in a large city as opposed to small community where usually there is less patients to serve. A registered nurse is responsible for helping individuals prevent disease and to care for sick people (nursing homes, hospitals, physicians offices, schools, or public homes).

Nurses can specialize in a variety of fields including the following:

ICU (Intensive Care Unit)Registered Nurse (RN) Overview
Pediatric Care
Surgery and Medicine
Emergency (ER)
Case Management
Birth Centers (Labor/Delivery)
Hospital Care
Psychiatric Facilities


Based on data reported back in May 2008, the median annual salary of a Registered Nurse (RN) was $62,450. The mid-50% earned anywhere between $51k-$76k, while the lowest 10% earned under $43k, and the highest 10% was able to earn as high as $92,000.

Want to become a Registered Nurse? Watch this video:

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