Garden of Life Raw Meal Replacement

Garden of Life - RAW Meal, 2.6lb tub Rating:
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Product Review & Description

The product Garden of Life Raw (2.6lb) was created to serve as a meal replacement, providing all the key nutrients as well as proteins. This supplement contains the same types of vitamins you would normally find in the raw food you eat on a daily basis. Garden of Life is a delicious alternative, offered as one serving.

The product works to help satisfy your hunger desires while boosting your overall energy levels. A great bonus is each serving also contains probiotics as well as enzymes to promote healthy digestion. In addition to the improvement of digestion health, this product does not make your stomach upset and is loaded with healthy fiber. The Garden of Life Raw serving can be mixed with water, raw whole milk or any other drink that you prefer.

It may take a couple days to get adjusted to the taste/flavor of the product, but once you do you will get used to it. The ingredients of the Garden of Life meal replacement is worth it and the energy boost that you will experience when using it is quite impressive.

So where do you find this product? So far, the best price I was able to find on the Garden of Life Raw supplement is by going to However, organic stores as Whole Foods also sell this same exact product.

Garden of Life Raw Meal ReplacementFeatures:

-33g of Protein in each serving

-Provides all the nutrients, enzymes and probiotics of a well balanced diet

-Promotes Healthy Digestion

-Satisfies your hunger and cravings and gives you more energy

-Serves as a wonderful meal replacement supplement!

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