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Fitbit Wireless Activity/Sleep Tracker, Black/Blue Rating:
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Product Review & Description

The Fitbit Wireless Activity Plus Sleep and activity tracker is a great product to track your daily activity and sleep patterns. When it comes to activities, Fitbit makes it easy to track the number of calories you have burned, the daily steps you make, distance and utilizing a 3D motion sensor.

To use this product to track your sleeping patterns, all you have to do is put the Fitbit Wireless tracker on your wrist and you’ll be on your way to measuring how well and how good you sleep at nights. What’s great about this particular product is the fact that it is so low key that you can take it anywhere with you, making it a convenient choice. You can just put it either In your pocket or put it on a clip to your belt or anywhere else.

Another cool feature is that Fitbit uses wireless technology to upload all of the data it collects online without any kind of monthly cost. You can view visual graphs, compete against your other friends and discover other worksouts utilizing the application for the Apple iPhone. The social interaction and community tools make FItbit even more exciting through its integration capabilities.

Included with the package is also the sleep wristband, a belt boster and a charger with the base station. Every single step you want to track towards a successful fitness and exercise routine can be tracked with Fitbit. If you want some extra motivation and start losing more weight, definitely consider the wireless activity/sleep tracker from Fitbit.

Fitbit Wireless Features:

-Tracks all of your daily activities and sleep patterns

-Wrist band which is included with the package is low key and very convenient

-Upload all of your data online and share with your friends

-Great motivational tool. Use it to compete against your friends and compare how well you’re doing against them

-Discover online graphs, earn badges and log the food you’re eating easily

-Comes with a Free iPhone app and other great mobile tools at no charge

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