EatSmart Digital Bathroom Weight Scale

EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale w/ Extra Large Backlit 3.5" Display and "Step-On" Technology Rating:
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Sale Price: $27.99
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Product Review & Description

If you are currently looking for a brand new digital bathroom weight scale, the EatSmart Precision Scale offers some very cool features at a reasonable cost. This particular scale is one Amazon’s best sellers and has thousands of positive reviews from other consumers who swear by the product and use it in their daily lives.

So, what sets this product apart from the rest? The EatSmart ‘Step-on’ technology allows you to get a reading right away without the need to tap the scale in order to turn it on and works instantly! An added plus is the fact that this product also comes with a large LCD display with a beautiful blue backlight (making it easy to read from a distance).

There are also a total of four sensors of high precision which provide accuracy up to 400 pounds each and every single time. The glass top is strong and durable and the platform itself is quite large as well with 12 x 13 inch dimensions. The scale is battery powered and operates on 4 AAA batteries which are included with the package along with an instructions guide.

The company EatSmart swears by its product and customer satisfaction is the #1 priority. If you’re tired of weight scales that never offer a consistent representation of what your actual real weight is, than give this one a shot and stop by Amazon to check out why the customers are raving about it.

EatSmart Precision Digital Weight Scale Features:

-Utilizes the EatSmart ‘Step-on’ technology which means instant readings!

-Large beautiful blue 3’5 inch LCD display

-Total of 4 high precision sensors for the most accurate measurement up to 400 pounds

-Operated on (4) AAA batteries which are included

-Strong and durable design with a tempered glass and a large platform

-100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

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