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The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor helps take conception to a whole new level by maximizing the conception of a baby to identify more fertile days when compared to standard ovulation tests. This product usually is able to identify up to 6 fertile days and is the only available system which has detection for both estrogen (E3G) hormones as well as luteinizing (LH) hormones.

The Fertility Monitor from Clearblue is non-invasive and is completely 100% natural. It is also suitable for use in women who experience both regular and irregular cycles.

So what are some of the benefits of using this Fertility Monitor? One is the fact that it predicts ovulation quite accurately (when compared against ultrasound scans or serum hormone tests). In this case, you can perform the fertility test yourself right at the comfort of your home without the need to go anywhere and at a much more affordable cost. Second, you get to see a more accurate representation of greater fertile days. The Clearblue Fertility Monitor is very simple to use and the instructions are easy to understand. The Clearblue monitor is able to indicate when you need to test and gives the level of fertility every single day. Another benefit of the product is it makes your cycle personalized with its capabilities to store the information as much as for 6 previous menstruation cycles. Since it’s natural, there’s no need for any prescription drugs or any types of procedures and couples are able to plan sexual intercourse at the right moment when convenient.

For more in depth instructions on how to use this fertility monitor, check out and discover what customers have been saying about it before you buy. Reduce the time needed to conceive your baby with the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor.

Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor Features:

-Non-invasive and completely 100% natural

-Capable of identifying up to 6 fertile days

-99% accuracy level for LH surge detection

-Product suits women with both regular/irregular cycles

-The only method on the market capable of detecting LH and E2G estrogen hormones

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