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Pets Best Insurance is based in Idaho (Boise) and was founded by Jack Stephens (DVM), who is also the founder of the pet insurance company in the U.S.Pet's Best Insurance

BestWellness optional routine care coverage may be added to any Pets Best Insurance plans for routine care coverage providing services without deductibles, and providing coverage for cats – more than $500 and for dogs $400 annually. BestWellness coverage includes: annual exams, teeth cleaning, vaccinations, neutering, spaying and other services. Every pet owner should know that routine care is the best early disease detection method.

BestWellness plan covers injury, accidents, or illnesses. When the owner’s pet is covered by Pets Best Insurance, he may use any licensed veterinarian doctor around the World.¬†¬†¬† Additionally to standard disease, injury and accident, including emergency visit, you are also having coverage for alternative cure, such as chiropractic and acupunture therapies.

Pets Best Insurance offers different plans with various deductibles, so, you may choose the best policy for your pet. All plans are including coverage of accidents at no additional charge:

1. Pets Premier Plan has some of the industry’s highest benefits for the ultimate security.

2. Pets Basic Plan offers good health security coverage with lower fees.

3. Pets First Plan offers you even more affordable coverage rates.

After deductibles, each plan pays up the 80% of the policy limit. In addition, Pets Best Insurance has some of the industry’s highest limits. Such plan as Premier, covers up to $100,000 per lifetime and $14,000 per incident, so you may afford to provide the best veterinary care for your pet. Like any other pet insurances plans, Pets Best Insurance has specific exclusions for keeping premiums affordable. Please, read carefully, what is not covered by this insurance to be prepared for your veterinary needs:

1 Pre-existing conditions, such as any injury or disease which starts before your policy became effective. Even if your pet do not have symptoms or signs and was not diagnosed, some conditions may be still pre-existing. Pets with serious conditions such as immune mediated anemia, Addison’s disorder and diabetes are not eligible for whole health coverage, but Pets Best Insurance is happy to offer -”accident-only” coverage.

2. Routine care without the BestWellness add-on routine care is not covered under pegular insurance plan. If you would like exams coverage, dental cleaning, routine diagnostics, neuters and spays, and vaccines, please, add the BestWellness plan to your Pets Best Insurance plan policy upon annual renewal or at the time of purchase.

3. Congenital conditions or diseases which happened at the pet’s birth, even if they are not visible right away. Such conditions are considered to be pre-existing and they are not covered by any pet insurances. Such conditionsare¬† resulted from abnormalities or others unknown factors including: portosystemic shunt, patellar luxation, ventricular septal defect, umbilical hernia, patent ductus arteriosis, entropion, mitral valve defects, ectropion, malocclusion, stenotic nares and elongated soft palate.

4. Preventable conditions are not covered. For instance, if your pets were not vaccinated against kennel cough – the diagnosis of kennel cough and its treatment are not covered. The same rules apply to other disease that may be vaccinated against, as well as pet obesity.

5. Hereditary conditions, which were genetically inherited to the pet from their parents. If you buy the Pets Best Insurance plans before a pet’s 2nd birthday, the insurance includes limited coverage for hereditary disorder.

6. Parasites. Pets Best Insurance does not cover parasitic analysis, prevention or cure. Parasites include: scabies, fleas, ear mites, ticks, coccidia, heartworms, giardia, roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms or whipworms.

7. Supplements, food, vitamins and special diets are not covered by Pets Best Insurance plan.

8 Preventive and elective procedures including: elective gastropexy, tail docking, anal gland removal and expression, ear cropping, dewclaw removal, feline declawing and nail trimming are not covered by pets best insurance. For neuter and spay coverage, you can add optional BestWellness plan to your policy for a 1 time reimbursement of one hundred dollars with no deductibles.

9. Cruciate injuries ligaments during the first twelve months of your policy are not covered. The pets have 2 cruciate ligaments in each of their knees. If 1 of such ligaments becomes injured or tears, known as a ”cruciate ligaments injury”, and in most cases, such condition is not covered in the first year of policy. After a year, regular benefit starts apply to this condition that progresses after the 1st coverage year. Additionally, ”cruciate injury” is not considered to be bi-lateral. For instance, your cat or dog tears ligament in their left knee, so, the Pets Best Insurance company does not suspect a further tear in the right knee to be pre-existing like other insurances do.

10. Breeding expenses, reproduction and other similar conditions are not covered. When not breeding, the pregnancy coverages for many breeds have limited reimbursement’s amount.

11. Alternative (except acupuncture and chiropractic), holistic and herbal therapies are not covered.

12. Non-veterinary expenses are not covered. It includes administrative fees, taxes, house-call fees, grooming, bathing, house-call and transportation fees, and bio-hazardous waste disposal fees.

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