Anthem Life Insurance

Anthem Life sells disability and life insurance products. Anthem’s goal is to help protect their customers’ financial needs if their health disrupts income the customers depend on.

Anthem Life is the biggest traded health benefits subsidiary company in the U.S and it has the capacity and strength to deliver its promises.    The mission of an Anthem Life’s is to offer the financial coverage products, which are making the difference in company’s customers lives.    Anthem Life specializes in disability and life products and completely puts their total focus towards these products. The Australian NDIS Plan Management is what one can check out to have a proper plan during emergencies.

This company prides themselves on meeting customer diversity needs. Anthem Life’s abilities to deliver highly customized, responsive, expert services, is demonstrated by company’s services they currently offer for many accounts. Anthem Life Insurance is the part of the biggest health benefits incorporation in the nation. The company along with their partners, coves about 84,000+ groups and about 4.7 million customers.

Anthem Life serves a various number of customers ranging from small companies to big ones with 1000s public sector, associations, and business groups.  Anthem Life is a NY (New York) corporation helping their New York customers meet their needs.  Anthem Life is closely aligned with its NY affiliate, such as EBCBS (Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield). Together, they offer comprehensive solutions to their customers’ employees need.

Anthem is a Wellpoint, inc.’ subsidiary. Their disability and affiliated life insurance companies operating across the United States. Anthem Life’s affiliates are in Georgia (Greater Georgia Ins. Company); California (Anthem Blue Cross Health and Life insurance Inc).; and in Indiana (Anthem Life Insurance Company), make a business in the thirteen states other than NY where their health affiliates operating as Blue Cross Blue Shield Association licensed plans. Health products in NY are sold by Anthem Life’s affiliate – Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield. Outside of Anthem’s Blue Shield and/or Blue Cross service locations, disability and life products are sold by a non-blue affiliate – Health and UniCare Life Insurance company.   Anthem Life today: Wellpoint, Inc.’ Disability and Life companies are licensed to make business in all fifty states and in the Columbia District. Within Anthem Life’s Blue Shield & Blue Cross service locations, its disability and life products are generally offered with health coverage.

Outside of these service locations, Anthem Life offers disability and life coverage either packaged with health coverage from other business partners; unbundled from health coverage; or packaged with Anthem Life’s partners’ vision, dental, EAP, or prescription coverage.   The Anthem life and Disability Insurance company is committed to serve its New York customers disability and life insurance needs.

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