New Study: Gastric Bypass Surgery is Better Than Lap-Band

Researchers at University of Wisconsin School of Medicine have put out a study comparing two of the most popular weight loss surgery procedures: gastric bypass and lap-band.

According to University of Wisconsin School of Medicine researcher Dr. Guilherme Campos, patients who performed a gastric bypass surgery Gastric Bypass vs Lapbandended up losing 64% of weight after just one year, compared to 36% in individuals who were treated with the lap-band (a product of Allergan). The research which was released today concludes that the complication rates however for the two procedures are quite about the same.

For those struggling with weight loss, this latest study may help in determining which option is more effective. Studies in the past have claimed that there is an increased danger in the gastric banding procedure as opposed to the lap-band, where a surgical reduction is performed in order to reduce a person’s stomach size in an effort to limit the amount of food intake. With the lap-band procedure however, a silicone band is placed around the stomach, giving the illusion of being full with smaller meals to the patient.

For the purpose of this study, the Allergan Lap Band device was compared against the gastric bypass procedure (also known as Roux-en-Y), where the surgery was performed through a laparoscope. A total of 100 individuals who were morbidly obese participated the lap-band surgery, and then were matched with another 100 patients who went through with the gastric bypass surgery.

In an interview, Campos stated:

“In the gastric bypass patients, about 86 percent of patients successfully lost more than 40 percent of excess weight. Only about 31 percent of the Lap-Band patients lost that amount of weight”

The ultimate result of the study is that gastric bypass is a better alternative to lose weight and improve quality of live as opposed to lap-band.

Speak to your doctor to discuss both options and make sure your surgeon has strong level of experience to help you make the right decision if you are currently exploring both of these options.

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