Quit Smoking: How to Kick the Habit

Quitting Smoking is extremely difficult that many individuals fail during their 1st attempt when trying to stop. The ACS (American Cancer tips to quit smokingSociety) revealed that approx 70% of smokers wish to stop and approx 40% attempt to quit smoking yearly.

However, only 4 to 5% of those people really accomplish their goal without any assistance. The one reason why it is so hard to stop smoking is Nicotine. The other reason is a bit more complex. First of all, Nicotine is very addictive and nicotine addictions also result in psychological changes in individuals because of the connection of its pleasurable feelings to different aspects of the individual’s life.

Smoking a cigarette becomes interwoven with a person’s  life, so that when they try to stop smoking, they not only have to fight back an addiction to cigarettes, but also must deal with many triggers which may prompt the desire to smoke. To help nicotine addicts, with their extreme smoking addiction, orion q-ultra are introduced to the users, which are less harmful and significantly with lesser nicotine content.

Nicotine is naturally found in tobacco. When the person puffs on a cigarette, he or she inhales Nicotine while smoking and then the tobacco spreads through the person’s body. Nicotine interferes in place between nerve cells communication. The result is the pleasant feeling and which is relaxing, that makes an individual wish smoke more.

When people continue to smoke, their body adapts and becomes tolerant to nicotine. They want to smoke more cigarettes to get the same pleasant feelings. Because the person’s body metabolizes Nicotine fast, the nicotine’s level in her or his blood drops within a period of 2 hours and those individuals find themselves needing to smoke frequently during a day to refresh the effect of drug.

At one point, enough nicotine can accumulate in the person’s system, that he or she might require only a certain cigarettes’ daily intake to keep stable levels. Those who smoke, may become dependent on nicotine just after several weeks of regular smoking. When the person attempts to stop smoking, his or her body goes into withdrawal of Nicotine. The body’s system reacts to the nicotine’s absence with following symptoms: anxiety; impatience and irritability; depression; hostility; fatigue; headaches; reduced heart rate; sleeping troubles; appetite increase; restlessness; and concentrating difficulty.

So, how should you fight addiction to nicotine? If the person has only a physical addiction, it can be easier to stop smoking by using Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches and more individuals can succeed. But smoking individuals have to deal with the nicotine addiction physical dependence along with psychological addiction. Even individuals with Cessation Aids (to help with physical addiction symptoms), are having troubles to feel normal without smoking rituals and cigarettes. Such feelings are exacerbated by psychological triggers, which build-up over-time as individuals using pleasant feeling prompted by the nicotine and those people’s smoking habits to either enhance their activities’ enjoyment or cope with unpleasant things.      Activities triggering the smoke desire may consist of: driving; having conversation on the phone or just hearing the phone ring; relaxing around the house or watching TV; finishing a meal; seeng someone else lighting a cigarette; using alcoholic drink or drink coffee.

An individual can also have the smoking desire caused by negative emotional condition that she or he previously coped with use of nicotine including: stress or anxiety; disappointment or sadness; depression; resentment; frustration or anger; guilt; fear fright; embarrassment; loneliness or boredom.

Everybody should know that Nicotine is addictive, but there are ways to battle it. People may comfort themselves by the fact that most individuals try many times before finally kicking the habit.

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