How to Prevent Obesity in Children

Obesity in ChildrenOn a daily basis, our children are exposed to fast food ads instead of home-prepared food. They are surrounded by soda and vending machines in their schools. They are also having video games and 100’s of TV channels, and are living in neighborhoods without side walks.

Such environment can often push children in the wrong direction. Obesity in children is not the only cosmetic concern. Researchers indicate that obese children are frequently isolated & being bullied in their school and other places. Obese child might suffer from diabetes, heart disease, joint and bone problems, sleep apnea, and liver disease, according to CDCP ( Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Fat excess in children has also caused  various cancers. Approximately 2/3 of overweight children are growing up to become overweight adults.

Cornell University’s psychologist Gary Evans analyzed stress affects on gaining weight in adolescents and children. Researchers pointed that both children and adults are looking for food, which is high in fat in order to relieve stress. Evan’s team discovered that stress is also damaging an abilities of child to self-control, which results in higher body’s mass index as a teenager. He tested children with stressful conditions, including housing problems, single parenthood, domestic violence, and poverty. In this study, the stress hormone hurt pre-frontal cortex of brain, which is responsible for people’ abilities to avoid and plan temptations at cellular levels. Evans noted: “It is kind of a quadruple whammy”. Children with low income family have less healthy supermarkets close to their homes and more junk foods are available, because they are cheap and they have fever outdoor play.

Evans wrote: ”If you born poor – the life expectancy is lower”.  Parents who try to raise healthy children, become depressed. Policymakers stated new rules by encouraging children to be involved in more activities and having healthier meals at their schools. But reality is: such environmental changes can take years. Research has also showed that a child who lost weight, is less likely to gain it back than adult or teens. The whole family must eat healthier food and be involved in activities to prevent obesity. It is better to go slow. It’s just a matter of setting simple goals. Nobody must reach the perfect weight in order to be healthy.

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