Yellow Fever

A tropical disease spread by infected mosquitoes to humans is known as Yellow fever.

This disease can be severe even though many yellow fevers are fairly mild. This condition is only found in South America and Africa and can be prevented by immunization.

There are two different types of yellow fever: Urban Yellow fever, carried by Aedes aegypti (a type of mosquito) and Jungle yellow fever, a disease in monkeys that is spread by infected mosquitoes in a rain forest. People get this type of fever when they are bitten by mosquitoes that have been infected by the monkeys.

Jungle Yellow fever is a rare disease and mainly concerns those who work in tropical rain forest environments. Symptoms of yellow fever start within 3-6 days after exposure to the bite. The infection could lead to bleeding, kidney and liver failure, shock, high fever and backache.

It is diagnosed by a blood test and severe yellow infections could be fatal. Individuals with yellow fever should drink plenty of water and stay away from mosquitoes as there is no specific treatment available.

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