Vitamin D Resistant Rickets

Vitamin D-Resistant Rickets is a medical disorder, where the bones become painfully soft and bend easily because the blood consists of lowVitamin D Resistant Ricketsphosphate’s levels and has inadequate active form of vitamin D amounts.

Vitamin D-Resistant Rickets is very rare disorder and almost always hereditary, passed as a dominant gene carrying on the x-chromosome. The genetic abnormality results in a kidney defect that lets phosphate to be excreted in the person’s urine, causing low phosphate levels in the blood.

Because growth of the bone needs phosphate, such deficiency results in abnormal bones. Women, who have Vitamin D-Resistant Rickets, experience less serious bone disease than men. In rare cases, the disease may be caused by specific cancers, including breast cancer, prostate cancer, sarcoma, and giant cell bone tumors.The disorder is not similar to rickets, resulted by deficiency of vitamin D.

Vitamin D-Resistant Rickets generally start in the 1st year of life. It ranges from extremely mild that shows no visible symptoms, to extremely severe, that produces leg’s bowing, short stature, bone pain and other bone deformities. Bony outgrowth where muscle attaches to bone, can restrict those joint movements. A child’s skull bone can close too soon, causing convulsions.

A Laboratory test reveals that calcium levels in the blood are normal, but levels of phosphate are low. The main treatment goal is to increase levels of phosphate in blood, which promote normal formation of the bones. Phosphate may be used by mouth and must be combine with activated form of vitamin D-Calcitriol. Using only vitamin D is not beneficial. In some adults, Vitamin D-Resistant Rickets, caused by cancers, improve significantly after the cancer is removed.

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