Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamin ”C” deficiency (ascorbic acid) is discovered in green pepper, citrus fruits, cabbage, potatoes, and tomatoes. Vitamin ”C” is important for the connective tissue formation(the tissue that is holding the structures together). It helps the person’s body recover from wounds and burns and absorb iron at the same time. Vitamin C Deficiency

Vitamin ”C” is also an antioxidant. Burns, pregnancy, surgery, breastfeeding, different types of inflammations, and thyrotoxicosis (overactive thyroid gland) all may extremely increase the deficiency risk and the body needs for Vitamin ”C”.  In infants, deficiency of Vitamin ”C” in the formulas and solid foods can result in deficiency disease, called ”Scurvy”, between six and twelve months of life.

Vitamin ”C” deficiency at early stages includes failure to gain weight, loss of appetite, pain during movement, and irritability. The joints can be knobby and bones are thin.  Bleeding around the teeth and beneath the tissue covering the bone (periosteum) is common. In adults, a deficiency disease -”Scurvy”, can happen when the diet is limited to just dry meat and canned vegetables, toast, and tea or flour – a specific food used in elderly who are disinterested in eating.

After a several months on this diet, bleeding happens under the person’s skin, especially into the joints, around hair follicles, around the gum, and under fingernails. An individual can become weak, tired and depressed. Heart rate and blood pressure fluctuate. Results of the blood tests reveal very low levels of Vitamin ”C”. In adults and infants the deficiency disease ”Scurvy” is treated with a large dosage of Vitamin ”C”  for the period of one week, followed by smaller doses for one month.

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