Urethritis is a medical condition, in which urethra infection (the channel carrying urine from the person’s bladder out of the body), occurs.Urethritis

Urethritis can be resulted from the fungi virus, or bacteria. In females, the bacterias usually travel in the urethra from vagina. Usually, the organism (bacteria) come rom the lower intestine, reaching the vagina from the anus. Males are less likely to progress Urethritis. Sexually transmitted bacteria called Neisseria Gonorrhoeae, which result in gonorrhea, reach the penis or vagina at the time of the sexual intercourse with an infected partners and may spread to the Urethra.

When males do progress Urethritis, the gonococcal bacteria is a major cause. Although, such organism can infect the urethra in females, the fallopian tubes, vagina, ovaries, uterus, and cervix are likely to be infected. Urethritis may also be caused by herpes simplex virus and chlamydia, which also may be sexually transmitted.

In males, Urethritis commonly starts with the urethra’s discharge. The discharge consists of mucus (when other than gonococcal organisms are involved) and pus when the gonococcal organism is involved. Other Urethritis’ symptoms include urgent, frequent need to urinate and pain during urinating. An infection of the vagina can result in the time of urination as the acidic urine passes over the labia, which is inflamed. A gonorrheal urethra infection that is improperly treated or is not treated, may result in stricture (narrowing) of the urethra. Such stricture increases risk of Urethritis development. Risk is higher in the urethra and, sometimes, leads to the formation of abscesses around the person’s urethra. This abscess may form outpouchings from the urethral diverticula (wall of urethra), which may also get infected. If the abscess perforates the person’s skin, the urine can flow through urethral fistula (newly created channel).

Urethritis diagnosis is generally apparent from the only symptoms. Discharge urethral swab sample, if present, is taken and sent for the laboratory analysis, so that infecting organisms may be determined. The treatment of the Urethritis depends on the infection cause. An antibiotic is prescribed for bacterial infections. The herpes simplex infection can be cured with Acyclovir-Antiviral medication.

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