Urethra Cancer

Urethra Cancer is a rare medical condition which can occur in both males and females.

The first symptom of the cancer of the urethra generally is blood in the urine, which can be found only by evaluating a sample specimen under the microscope, or which can color the urine red. Flow of the urine can becomes obstructed, making the urine stream thin and slow or urination difficult.

Bleeding, fragile growths at the woman’s urethra’s external opening, can be cancerous. A biopsy is performed to confirm cancer of the urethra.

Surgical removal, radiation therapy or combination of ┬áthe two might be performed to treat Urethra Cancer with different results. The prognosis of urethra cancer depends on extent of the cancer and precise location. A urethral caruncle is more common – painful, red, small, but noncancerous growth beside the woman urethra’s external opening. It also results in bleeding in urine.

The growth’s surgical removal cures such a condition.

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