Trench Mouth

Trench Mouth (also known as Vincent’s infection, acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis) is a painful, noncontiguous infection of the gums resulting in aches, fatigue and fever. The name Trench Mouth comes from times during World War 1, when most of the soldiers in the trenches developed this infection.

Causes of Trench Mouth disease include: poor oral hygiene and diet, lack of sleep, or emotional or physical stress. The trench mouth infection appears more frequently in patients withTrench Mouth gingivitis and who experience stress (for example: switching jobs or taking college or school exams). This medical condition happens more often in people who smoke as opposed to non-smokers.

The symptoms of Trench Mouth include: painful gums, fatigue, uneasy feeling. A foul breath odor also occurs. The tips of the gums between the teeth erode and turn to become covered with a gray layer of dead tissue. The individual’s gums bleed easily, while swallowing and eating causes pain. Frequently, the nodes under the jaw become swollen, and some grade fever develops.

Trench Mouth treatment starts with a gentle cleaning during which the dentist removes all dead gum, tissue and tartar from the affected region. Because the cleaning may be painful, the doctor may use a local anesthesia. The individual can be advised to rinse with hydrogen peroxide solution (3% solution mixed in half-and half of water) few times a day instead of brushing for the first several days after cleaning. The individual should visit the dentist every day or two for about a period of half month.

Professional cleanings should continue until healing. If the gums do not respond to this treatment, the dentist surgically reshapes them to prevent a periodontitis, or recurrence. If Trench Mouth is in severe form, an antibiotic may be required.


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