Transitional Cell Carcinoma Of The Renal Pelvis

Transitional Cell Carcinoma Of The Renal Pelvis occurs in the renal pelvis cell’s lining. The renal pelvis is the kidney’s part that funnels urine into the ureter the slender tube that carries Transitional Cell Carcinoma Of The Renal Pelvisurine to the person’s bladder.

The first symptom of the Transitional Cell Carcinoma Of The Renal Pelvis is blood in the urine. Lower abdomen or flank crampy aches can persist if urine flow is obstructed.

The diagnosis of this cancer determined by performing retrograde urography or intravenous urography. Computed Tomography scanning may distinguish kidney stones from a blood clot or tumor and can show extent of the cancer. Microscopic evaluation of the urine sample can detect cancer cells. A nephroscope or ureteroscope (fiber optic device) is passed through the abdominal wall or threaded up through the bladder, can be performed to view and, sometimes even to treat small tumors.

If the Transitional Cell Carcinoma Of The Renal Pelvis has not spread, the nephroureterectomy (surgical removal of the kidney and ureters) along with part of bladder is performed. However, in certain cases, for instance, when the kidney does not function well or if the patient has only one kidney, the kidney may not be removed because the patient then should become dependent on dialysis.

If the Transitional Cell Carcinoma Of The Renal pelvis has spread, chemotherapy is used; although, such type of cancers do not respond well enough to this type of treatment. The prognosis of this cancer is good, if it has not spread and may be entirely removed by a surgeon. Cystoscopy (placing of a fiber-optic viewing tube to evaluate bladder inside) is done periodically after surgery, because the patients with this type of cancer are at higher risk to progress cancer of bladder. If bladder cancer is found early, it can be removed through the cystoscope or treated with anticancer medications instilled in the person’s bladder.

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