Toxoplasmosis is an infectious disease caused b y Toxoplasma gondil, a type of parasite common in undercooked meat (especially mutton or lamb) as well as in cat feces. Usually thisToxoplasmosis condition is not harmful and may not even produce symptoms.

Twenty and Thirty percent of the people have already been exposed to Toxoplasmosis without necessarily realizing it, and they may carry antibodies to the parasite in their blood. People infected with this disease may have no symptoms at all, or they may have a rash and flu-like symptoms, muscle pain, fever, fatigue and sore throat. In pregnant women, Toxoplasmosis may lead to miscarriage during the 1st trimester.

Infected babies in many cases are born premature or underweight may develop eye problems, fever, jaundia and other long term neurological problems. People with toxoplasmosis are treated with such antibiotics as sulfadiazine with leucovorin; pyrimethamine. The toxoplasmosis may be prevented by cooking all meats thoroughly and washing hands with soap and water after touching raw meat and vegetables, cats or soil. People who have cats should feed them only with commercial cat food and should be prevented from eating mice, which frequently carry the parasite.


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