Tinea Versicolor

Tinea Versicolor is a medical condition, in which a fungal infection that causes white to brown patches on the person’s skin occurs. Tinea Versicolor

Such infection is common particularly in young adults. Tinea Versicolor rarely causes itching or pain, but prevents skin areas from producing patches and tanning.  An individual, who has naturally dark skin can have dark patches. Such patches are frequently on the person’s back or chest and can scale slightly.

Over time, small regions may join to produce large patches. A dermatologist makes diagnosis of Tinea Versicolor based on its appearance. A doctor can evaluate scraping, obtained from an affected area under a microscope or use an ultraviolet light to see infection more clearly. Tinea Versicolor is usually treated by dandruff shampoos including 1% selenium sulfide. Such shampoos are applied full-strength to the infected region at bedtime, left overnight, and washed in the morning. Such treatment usually lasts three to four nights.

An individual with developed skin irritation caused by this treatment can have to limit the time period of use such shampoo  with his or her skin from twenty to sixty minutes, or he or she can require to turn to prescription drugs. The person’s skin might not regain its normal pigmentation for prolonged time (many months) after infection is cured. Tinea Versicolor usually comes back after successful treatment, because the fungus that result in it, usually lives on the person’s skin.

If this condition returns, the treatment should be repeated.

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