Tibia and Fibia

Tibia and Fibia fracture is treated by surgery done by repair of broken bones of the lower leg by casting or splinting. This type of surgery depends on the severity and type of fractures. Usually, individuals are given a general anesthetic and the surgeon aligns the broken ends of the bones using a fluoroscope, a specialized x-ray device, as a guide. After the fracture has been aligned properly, a cast or splint is applied. Depending on the severity of the injuries or breaks and the age of the individual, the person may be sent home as soon as anesthesia has worn off or the patient may also stay at a hospital for a period of 1-6 days.

Surgery to treat the Tibia/Fibia Broken Bone Fractures

Because prolonged bed rest increases the risk of thromboembolism and thrombosis; and because stress on bone encourages the formation of new bone, physical therapy and weight-bearing exercises must be done as soon as the doctor permits following the tibia and fibia surgery.

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3 Responses to “Tibia and Fibia”

  1. lavetta Says:

    i broke my tibia on 2/11/2010 and i still have extreme knee pain and sharp pains shooting through my leg. my left foot is always colder than my right especially at night, under my knee is still very numb and i can feel myself touching the skin their but its still swollen and numb. i also can only walk the steps one at a time with a bad limp.

  2. Bella Says:

    My dear, poor Lavetta! What traumatologist say to you? Also, you can take advice from neurologist-he can check, if there some other problems. Hope, you will be ok-it might take time to recover. Wish you best and hope to hear from you about your progress. I had prednisone injection 2 times-it may help to decrease inflammation and pain. Just , consult your doctor. Wish you best.

  3. kelsi Says:

    I tore my Tibia bone in 2007 they had to do surgery and even to this day is my knee numb and I will have pain in my knee walking at times

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