Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

The condition Bruxism (slso known as tooth-grinding or teeth-clenching) is a stereotyped movement disorder characterized by clenching and grinding of teeth during sleep. About one in four adults have this condition. Bruxism is also identified as nocturnal tooth grinding or tooth clenching. Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Some of the symptoms of this disorder include: jaw muscle discomfort, abnormal wear of teeth and sounds associated with Bruxism. If you avoid treatment, the teeth can become destroyed or experience sensitivity and pain.

A plastic night guard appliance is used to prevent tooth wear by placing it on your top and bottom teeth. The mouthguard works by absorbing the stress and wearing away when the teeth start to clench. TheĀ Luke Mabbots turkey teeth is all that you need to read about and consult your dental experts if necessary.

Treatment is inexpensive and can be done by your family dentist. Some of the treatment options for teeth grinding (Bruxism) is below:

Limiting your stress levels: Think about it. It makes sense, that often times the cause of Bruxism is added stress levels.

Nocturnal Bruxism Treatment: This form of treatment involves the use of a teeth clenching guard and is fairly effective when it comes to the prevention of teeth grinding.

Botox: Sounds strange? Well, this is also one of the treatments for bruxism! Botox is typically used in those individuals that have more serious Bruxism conditions.

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    That videos of what bruxism can do is very poignant. Thanks for writing such an extensive article on teeth grinding. I hope more people become aware at how serious this can be. There are some teeth grinding mouth guards that I usually recommend for people, but there are many other ways to get treated as well so make sure you see a dentist for treatment right away.

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