Stages of Mesothelioma

In this article, we will explain the various stages of mesothelioma.stages of mesothilioma

The oncologist relies on knowledge of the Mesolethioma’s various stages to treat such type of cancer properly. Mesothelioma Cancer passes through various stages as such tumor continues to progress.

These different stages of Mesothelioma Cancer help the oncologist to choose the most appropriate treatment. The different mesothelioma stages usually show how far the cancer has developed beyond its origin’s original point. Localized Mesothelioma is discovered when the cancer’s cells did not spread beyond lining of the lungs (membrane) where it originated.

If the Mesothelioma’s cells of the cancer have metastasized (spread) beyond such lining to invade the patient’s lung, chest cavity wall or other person’s organs, it is known as an advanced stage of Mesothelioma, which is extremely hard to treat.

Beyond localized vs. advanced classification, 4 stages of Mesothelioma cancers are recognized.

Stage 1: Mesothelioma Cancer might be found in the pleura or 1 side of the lining of the person’s chest and has not spread to other body’s parts.

Stage 2: Mesothelioma has metastasized (spread) to the patient’s chest wall, heart or esophagus, pleura lining or in lungs.

Stage 3: Mesothelioma cancer has intruded abdominal cavity lining (peritoneal cancer) and the diaphragm  has metastasized to additional body’s lymph nodes, chest cavity, or within the chest wall.

Stage 4: Mesothelioma cancer’s cells has metastasized to several major patient’s organs, such as brain or bones.

Each patient’s Mesothelioma case is different and such stages are not the only factors determining the treatment type and the patient’s cancer’s prognosis . Other factors may be considered.

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