Skin Abscess

Skin Abscess (also called Cutaneous abscess) is a pus collections, resulted from a bacterial infection. Abscess commonly forms when a minor Skin Abscess injury of skin is allows bacteria to become visible on the person’s skin to penetrate and result in an infection.

Skin Abscess appears as a tender, painful, swollen area that can feel as it is filled with thick fluids. Bacteria can spread from the Skin’s Abscess to infect nearby tissue, resulting in cellulitis. Bacteria also can infect nearby lymph nodes and lymph vessel, where they drain, resulting the node to swell. An individual can experience a fever as a result.

A surgeon can treat skin abscesses by cutting it open and draining the pus. For such procedure, a surgeon uses a local anesthetic, including lidocaine. After abscess is drained, a surgeon checks it to be confidant all of pus pockets have been drained. Any remaining pus must be washed out with a solution containing salt. In some cases, the drained abscesses is packed with a gauze, which should be removed one to two days later.

Elevating the damaged area and applying mild heat can speed recovery. If the Skin Abscess is drained completely, an antibiotic generally not required. However, antibiotics are needed, if the skin infection did spread or if the abscess is on the upper or middle face’ part, because of the great risk that such infection may spread to the person’s brain. Antibiotics are available to destroy streptococci and staphylococci and include Oxacillin, Dicloxacillin, and Nafcillin.

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