Scabies are considered to be a highly parasitic infection. It happens when microscopic mites named sarcoptes scabili burrow under the skin and deposit their feces and eggs. The Scabiessymptoms such as agonizing itching, irregular lines on the skin (especially at night) are common with people who have scabies.

Scratching may lead to broken skin, which can become infected with other microorganisms. Infestations are usually common on the armpits, breasts, wrists, between the fingers, labia, buttocks, and between the fingers. Once scabies are transmitted through sexual contact, it is considered to be a sexually transmitted disease. Scabies, are not a serious condition, but if untreated, can bother you for years. People, whose skin was contacted with infested sheets, clothing, towels, or furniture, develop this disease.

In some cases, scabies are transmitted through sexual contact, with an infected partner. It may take as long as one month before symptoms develop. The first sign of infestation is a raised small, wavy line on the affected area which soon starts to itch. In most cases the area becomes inflamed and red when a secondary infection develops. This happens after intensive itching at night.

The symptoms of scabies may be similar to symptoms of poison ivy, eczema, and allergic reactions. To differ scabies from those other similar diseases, a doctor must examine a scraping of the affected skin under a microscope to check for microscopic mites or eggs. There are various types of treatment available to get rid of scabies, such as lotions, shampoos, and creams that can be used to kill the scabies parasite.

Some doctors recommend Nix (permethrin), which is available without prescription and is effective with only a single application. In addition to taking antihistamines, you can try applying aloe vera lotion and calamine to help relief this condition.

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