Popliteus Tendinitis

Popliteus Tendinitis is a tear in the popliteus tendon, that extends from the outer surface of the femur (bottom of the thigh bone) diagonally across the knee back to the tibia (inner site Popliteus Tendinitisof the shin bone top).

The popliteus tendons prevents the lower legs from twisting outward at the time of running. Excessive pronation (inward feet rolling) and running downhill tends to put excessive stress on these tendons, which may tear them. Soreness and pain, especially while running downhill develops along the outside of the knees.

An individual should not run until the affected part is pain-free, and should not run downhill for at least three weeks after starting to run. Bicycling is a good exercise during healing process.

Inserts in the shoes, especially varus wedge (triangular wedge) placed in front of the heel, may prevent the foot from inward rolling.

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