Peyronies Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a hard lump or a plaque forming on a penis. It may develop on either the lower or upper side of the penis in layers with erectile tissue. The plaque eventually may develop into a scar.

Back in 1743, Peyronie’s Disease was classified as a form of impotence by a French surgeon. These days however, impotence is just one factor associated with Peyronies but its not always present. Researches believe this disease occurs from inner bleeding of the penis turning into trauma.

Symptoms of the disease are: plaque causing the penis to bend upward, plaque causing the penis to bend downward, bending and emotional distress and painful erections. Peyronie’s Disease usually heals without the need of treatment in 6-15 months. Other types of treatment available is surgery or palliative methods.

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