Perennial Allergic Rhinitis

Perennial (Year Round) Allergic RhinitisĀ results in symptoms similar to seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms, but the perennial allergic rhinitis symptoms tend to vary in severity, and be frequently unpredictable throughout the entire year.

Perennial allergic rhinitis’ allergen can be mold, house dust, mites, animal danger or feathers. Conjunctivitis is notPerennial Allergic Rhinitiscommon. Nasal congestions, which are common, can block ear’s eustachian tubes, resulting in hearing problems, especially in children. A physician should distinguish such type of rhinitis from the nasal polyps (growth inside the nose) and sinusitis (repeated sinus infections). Allergic rhinitis may be complicated by nasal polyps and sinusitis.

In some cases of nasal inflammation in individuals, eosinophils large numbers (white blood cell type) in their nasal secretions, negative skin test, results in nasal polyps and sinusitis. Aspirin and other non steroidal anti-inflammatory medications may lead to severe adverse reactions. Most serious adverse reaction may be asthma attacks, which are not easily treated. Individuals, who are likely to have such reactions, must avoid the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications.

A person with chronically runny and stuffy nose, but not nasal polyps, and sinusitis, can have other conditions, called vasomotor rhinitis, which is not caused by allergy. The perennial allergic rhinitis treatments are similar to that for seasonal allergic rhinitis. Although, the corticosteroid use is usually not recommended, prescription corticoster

oid nasal spray may be very beneficial.

A non prescription decongestant nose spray or drops must not be used for more than several days at a time, becauseĀ using them constantly for a week or more, can cause rebound effects, which may prolong or worsen nasal inflammations. In some cases, operation is required to treat a sinus infection or remove nasal polyps.

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  1. jane Says:

    Another great remedy for nasal sinus relief as well is Sinupret. It is an all-natural remedy that helps alleviate nasal sinus issues.

  2. Bella Says:

    Yes, Jane-this is great herbal remedy. I like all natural. Actually, i have sometimes rhinitis, caused by dust, water, and spring blossoming. Rhinocort is working very well for me, but not so safe. So, i like more natural. Also, i can’t tolerant different sprays(body and house). I keep everything clean without using them. Never use creams also-many of them contain chemicals, (as well as odors), which are not beneficial for allergies , as well they are peneprating through the skin and can cause other medical problems. Thank you for you advice-i will try remedy you mentioned.

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