Neurodermatitis is an itchy, chronic inflammation of the skin’s top layer. It results in thickened and dark patches, scaling, and dryness. The Neurodermatitiscauses of neurodermatitis (localized scratch dermatitis, lichen simplex chronicus) are not known, but psychologic factors may be responsible.

Such a  condition does not seem to be allergic. More females than males have Neurodermatitis (localized scratch dermatitis litchen simplex chronicus) and it is common among native Americans and Asians. The condition usually develops between ages twenty and fifty.

Neurodermatitis may happen anywhere on the person’s body, such as vagina (pruritus vulval) and anus (pruritus ani). In the beginning , the skin itches, but becomes normal looking with time.  Later, dark patches, scaling, and dryness progress as a result of the rubbing and scratching. A doctor tries to find the possible underlying allergies or psychologic stress, or diseases, that can cause initial itching. When the neurodermatitis occurs around the vagina or anus, the doctor can investigate the possibilities of psoriasis, pinworms, contact dermatitis, trichomoniasis, fungal infections, local discharges as the cause.

For neurodermatitis to clear up, an individual must stop rubbing and scratching irritating areas. To keep itching under control, a doctor prescribes an antihistamine to take orally and a corticosteroid cream to be gently rub on the damaged area. Corticosteroid surgical tape provides a therapeutic medication and prevents an individual from scratching.

A dermatologist can inject a Corticosteroid under the person’s skin to keep itching under control for longer time. Other drugs to keep itching under control include Doxepin or Hydroxyzine. When the neurodermatitis develops around the vagina or anus, the corticosteroid cream is the best treatment option. A paste containing zinc oxide can be administered over the cream to protect the region; such paste may be removed with mineral oils.

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