Mastocytosis is a medical condition, where histamine-producing cells called mast cells, are involved in the immune reaction, accumulating in tissues of skin, and sometimes, in a different body part. The most common Mastocytosis form can be limited to the skin, particularly in children, or can involve other body’s organs, including bones, stomach, lymph nodes, intestine, spleen, and liver.

Rare Mastocytosis’ form can be associated with a severe blood disorders, including myeloproliferative disorder, acute leukemia, chronic neutropenia, and lymphoma, or may be associated with very severe diseases, such as aggressive Mastocytosis and mast cell leukemia. About 90% of individuals with common Mastocytosis and fewer than 50% of individuals Mastocytosiswith other Mastocytosis forms, having urticaria pigmentosa-redish-brown, small spots scattered over person’s body, which frequently produces redness and hives when scratched or rubbed.

The cause of Mastocytosys is unknown. More and more mast cells accumulate throughout the years, causing symptom gradual increase, but such symptoms may generally be kept under control for decades with prescription drugs. Some individuals, who have Mastocytosis experience bone and joint pain, and tend to serious allergic reactions, such symptoms similar to those of disease anaphylaxis. They can also develop chronic diarrhea and peptic ulcers because their stomach produces an extreme histamine amount.

Mastocytosis treatment needs 2 antihistamine types: histamine1 receptor blocker, taken for allergies and histamine 2, taken for peptic ulcers. If the Mastocytosis is associated with a severe underlying problem, treatments are much more complex.

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