Mastitis is a medical condition that occurs in women when there is a breast infection, to those who are nursing a baby or who have recently stopped nursing. Mastitis

Mastitis is usually caused by bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus which enters the breast from the baby’s mouth or surrounding the skin through cracks in the nipple. The symptoms of Mastitis are painful, red welling, fever or lumps occur in the affected breast.

Common side effects are aches and chills and flu like symptoms. If this disease is not treated, an abscess may go under the skin. To treat Mastitis, a doctor usually prescribes antibiotics to kill the bacteria and analgetics to relieve pain. In nursing women, Mastitis may help by draining the milk that promotes bacterial growth. An abscess usually requires drainage, either with incision or aspiration.

Some researchers predict that breast infections can result from a plugged milk duct that is not treated. Skipped feeding and engorgement are causes as well. Soaking the breast in warm water prior to nursing and keeping clothing from pressing on the ducts and getting more rest also helps relieve the pain. Sudden weaning should be avoided if possible since it may predispose a woman to plugged milk ducts.

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