Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease (commonly mispelled as: lime disease) is a tick-borne multisystem infectious syndrome. It is one of the most commonly reported vector bone illnesses in the United States with about 12,000 cases each year.

It is an illness caused by spirochete bacteria, borrelia burgdorferi which is transmitted to people and animals through infected tick bites. Lyme Disease is treated with antibiotics and if you quickly are able to determine that you have this disease , chance of recovery increase.

Advice with your physician on the most effective type of treatment. You can avoid tick bites by taking simple precautions to reduce being bitten. Some tips: Tuck your pants into your socks and shirt inside your pants and wear light colored clothing.

Inspect your clothes often for ticks and always apply repellents. If you remove the tick promptly, it will decrease the chances of contracting lyme disease. Use tweezers as it is the easiest method for the removal.

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