Lupus is a medical condition, which affects 7 to 10 as many women as men. This is a chronic autoimmune disease, which involves inflammation of the joints, blood vessels, brain, lungs, heart and kidneys.

In many people with Lupus a rash “mask” occurs over the cheeks and nose in the form of a butterfly. The lupus symptoms may vary and may include rashes and fever after exposure to sunlight; swollen painful joints, especially in the wrists and fingers; inflammation of the membranes around the lungs and heart that may lead to fatigue, coughing and chest pain; abdominal pain; disturbances of the central nervous system, seizures and headaches; changing color in fingers after exposure to cold. Some people, who have lupus have mild symptoms and require no treatment.

In more advanced cases, serious complications can result in joint deformity, kidney disorders, internal bleeding, depression, lower resistance to infection and respiratory heart problems. Most of the serious complications occur as a result of kidney disease, heart disease, infections. In people with lupus, about 60-70% experience kidney disorders which lead to death for many people. More frequently complications tend to appear in African American women with lupus. Treatment depends on the organ that is affected and the symptoms the patient has.

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