Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease) is a chronic medical condition resulted from mycobacterium lepromatosis and mycobacterium leprae bacteria. Leprosy (Hansen's Disease)

Leprosy is a granulomatous disease of the mucosa and peripheral nerves of the upper respiratory tract; skin lesions. If left untreated, leprosy may be progressive, resulting in permanent skin damage, eyes and limbs, nerves. If compared to Folklore, Leprosy does not result in parts of body to fall off; although, they may become diseased or numb because of infection.

Infection causes loss of tissue, so toes and fingers become deformed and shortened as the cartilage is absorbed into the person’s body. Although, transmission of Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease) is still uncertain, most researchers suspect that Mycobacterium Leprae is commonly spread from individual to individual in respiratory droplets.

The minimum incubation period lasts for a few weeks and usually occurs among young infants. The maximum incubation period lasts about 30 years and usually occurs in war veterans who have been exposed for short period of time in endemic areas. Now leprosy is known to be neither sexually transmitted nor highly infectious after the treatment. About 95% of individuals are naturally immuned and people with Leprosy no longer infectious after as little as two weeks of treatment.

Leprosy (Hansen’s Disease) has affected humans for about 4,000 years, and was well recognized in India, Egypt, China ancient civilization. The World Health Organization calculated that between two and three million individuals became permanently disabled because of Leprosy at that time. In the past twenty years, fifteen millions individuals with Leprosy around the World have been cured.

Medical treatment for multibacillary leprosy consists of Clofazimine, Dapsone, and Rifampicin used over twelve months. The first sign of Leprosy is lesions. If left untreated, Leprosy may be progressive, resulting in permanent damage to the eyes and limbs, skin and nerves.

Diagnosis of Leprosy in the U.S is frequently delayed because doctors are unaware of Leprosy symptoms. Early diagnosis and treatment prevent Leprosy hallmark nerve involment, and the disability it causes. There are many types of leprosy, but common symptoms include muscle weakness, runny nose, eye problems, and dry scalp. The Treatment of leprosy consists of Dapsone, Clofazimine, and Rifampicin.

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